Loyalty – Respect – Honor

Month: June 2017

What Is Honor?

Honor is a high level of esteem and privilege that indicates the highest level of privilege to the holder. Old school bikers should hold each other in this regard, with honor.

Respect is holding someone in high esteem and regard, because you approve and appreciate they way they act and behave. As such, respect must be earned, and can be lost if one does maintain their integrity. Old school bikers should always maintain respect for those who deserve it, and act in a manner to maintain…

Loyalty is being totally committed to someone or something. True old school bikers are loyal to each other and the biker community in general.

Before joining, you must ask yourself if you are ready. Do you know, who are the brotherhood of old school bikers? Do you know what to expect from the brotherhood of old school bikers?

Before you ask what to expect, first you should consider who are old school bikers.

Many ask, who are old school bikers? Bikers are a diverse community these days, and few have the correct answer these days. Old school bikers respect the virtues of honest, virtue, and loyalty. Do you know what a Poker Run is? If yes, then you are one step closer. If you ride your bike to…